How big are your signs?

Each premium, die-cut letter is 24×24 inches. Our accents range from 12 inches tall to 32 inches tall.

How big does my lawn need to be?

Keep in mind our letters are 24×24 inches when selecting your message, such as ‘Happy [year] Birthday’, ‘Congrats [year] Grad’, ‘Happy Anniversary’, and ‘Happy Retirement’. Our average full-size sign is 30 feet long! If you have a smaller lawn, please see our ‘Saying Ideas‘ page for more ideas on shorter sayings for your event. If you’d like to order a custom saying, order on our ‘Say Anything‘ product page. We always try our best to make your sign look great no matter what size lawn you have!

Our DIY yard signs are 18×18 inch letters and an average Happy Birthday yard sign takes up about 20 feet.

Can you install signs on turf, gravel or pavement?

Yes, our signs can be installed on real grass, turf, stone, cement, or asphalt, outside or inside! If you need a sign on anything other than real grass we must know in advance since different systems are used for other surfaces. We are also available for indoor signs, please call for requests.

Please note sign installation is much easier on real grass if your grass has been watered earlier that day; hard soil or dirt can affect the evenness of your sign.

How should I prep my yard?

Please mow your grass and edge your lawn before delivery.

Please water your lawn for a minimum of 20 minutes on the day your signs are delivered and turn off your sprinklers that night and the day of your event (Sprinklers can damage signs and unfortunately we do have to charge for damage).

Please consider rescheduling your lawn crew so they do not work while the yard card is up.

Please don’t mow, edge, or trim your lawn while the yard sign is up because the grass may stain our signs and the trimmer may destroy the sign.

What if I have pets?

Please clean up all pet waste on your lawn. We are often at your location in the middle of the night on our hands and knees!

Please ensure dogs are kept away from windows the night of delivery as they can ruin the surprise doing their guard dog duty.

We will not enter any lawns or yards if there is a dog outside for safety reasons. We do not offer refunds, but we will allow you to reschedule if the dog or animal cannot be removed from the yard.

What’s included in my purchase?

Your purchase includes your chosen saying and 15-20 hand-picked, premium embellishments saying for a 20-24-hour rental.

We also offer DIY rental kits which include your saying, age or year, and 15-20 premium embellishments.

Signs can also be personalized with a name for $19.99 FREE THIS MONTH, a photo keepsake for $39.99, a spotlight for $19.99, an extra day’s rental for $50.00, and balloons starting at $39.99.

How do I know if my date is available?

First, select your color and date. If your sign is in stock on our website, it’s available! If a sign is out of stock in the first color, select another color to check if it’s available. If one color is out of stock, another color may be available for your date. If a sign is out of stock in all colors on your event date, please see our ‘Saying Ideas‘ page for suggestions for custom signs. To order a custom sign, please see our ‘Say Anything‘ product listing. For example, if “Congrats Grad” is out of stock, you can say ‘You Did It’ or ‘We Are Proud of You’. If you are still having problems call us at (716) 259-8208, we aim to please!

What if you are booked on the day I would like to rent a sign?

We aim to fulfill as many orders as possible every day, however, if we are out of the sign you’d like to order, we have a ‘Say Anything‘ yard sign where you can order any custom saying that you’d like. Be creative! Our ‘Saying Ideas‘ page can give you some ideas of popular custom sayings, however, feel free to order whatever saying you like. If you are still having problems call us at (716) 259-8208. We aim to please!

How far in advance should I book my sign?

We can book anywhere from one day in advance to three months in advance. We recommend booking sooner rather than later, however, if you are looking for same-day delivery, give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request. Please keep in mind during peak graduation season we sell out 2 weeks in advance.

What is the delivery charge?

Our delivery charges are as follows:

$35: Buffalo, Cheektowaga, West Seneca, Depew, Amherst, Williamsville, Hamburg, Kenmore, Lancaster, Blasdell, Lackawanna, Tonawanda, Orchard Park

$40: East Aurora, Wheatfield, Alden, North Tonawanda, Clarence/Clarence Center

$45: Lakeview, Lockport, Grand Island, Niagara Falls

$50: Akron

My city/suburb/town isn’t listed under ‘Delivery Fee’, can I still order?

Yes! (As long as you’re located in Western New York). If your town isn’t listed, please give us a call (716) 259-8208 and we’ll do our best to fulfill your order.